FAQ’S – Get details about Xanax

1) What are anxiety disorders?

While everybody goes through anxiety in their day to day life, anxiety disorders are a whole different thing. It’s a mental illness that considered very serious and characterized by constant feelings of worry and fear. Anxiety disorders can be of different types such as:

Panic disorder
Social anxiety disorder
Specific phobias
Generalized anxiety disorder

2) What is xanax?

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication that contains the chemical component alprazolam. It works by enhancing GABA activity in the central nervous system and produces a relaxing effect on the brain.

3) What is generic xanax?

Usually when a drug is developed by a pharmaceutical company, they hold the patent for that particular medication for a specified period of time. However once the duration of the patent expires it allows generic manufacturers to produce and distribute that medication. But a generic medicine should have same chemical component as the original medication i.e. generic xanax is also composed of alprazolam and works in the same way as the alprazolam in the previously patented medication.

4) What are xanax dosages?

For adults suffering from anxiety disorders the safe prescribed limit is 0.25mg taken thrice daily or 1.5 mg per day. The maximum safe consumption for anxiety disorders is 4mg per day. For adults suffering from panic disorders the safe prescribed limit is 0.25mg-1mg thrice daily. Maximum safe consumption for anxiety disorders is 10mg. ensure that you take your dosage in divided intervals. Maintain a similar time gap between two doses.

5) What are xanax bars?

Apart from being available in pill format xanax is also available in form of alprazolam bars of increasing dosages such as 2mg, 3mg and 4mg. it’s important to remember that these bars are not for one time consumption and should be divided equally and taken in equal intervals. Also do not crush the pills to increase the effect just swallow it whole.

6) What is green/blue/yellow/peach xanax?

The most exciting part of generic medications is that they differ in the composition of their inactive substances namely color and shape. Hence generic xanax is available in different colors with each color corresponding to a particular intensity. The xanax bars are also available in different colors.

7) Why is it important to follow correct xanax dosage?

Unlike other medications xanax belongs in a group of medications known as benzodiazepines who are well known to be a fast acting, highly powerful sedative medication. Excessive consumption can be dangerous and expose you to the possibility of overdose which in the case of benzodiazepines can be fatal.

8) Why is it important to avoid combining xanax with alcohol?

Xanax with small amounts of alcohol like a beer/glass of wine won’t particularly affect. However when you start to combine considerably larger amounts of alcohol with xanax it starts becoming particularly problematic. They accentuate/enhance each other effects i.e. you feel more drunk because of the alcohol and also have to deal with a prolonged effects of xanax high. Also as they are both depressants it’s a big possibility that your heart rate could go down perhaps fatally so.

9) What is a xanax high?

Yep alprazolam works directly on the brain and slows down the movement of brain chemicals. Usually this medication is deeply sedative in that you fall asleep immediately. But with time as you get more used to the effects of the medication you begin to experience a high which acts rapidly and also ends quickly.

10) How dangerous is consumption of xanax during pregnancy?

Very dangerous. Consumption of alprazolam during pregnancy could result with your baby being born with withdrawal symptoms to that medication. This would require the baby to receive treatment for it immediately on birth and could also be life threatening. Therefore communicate with your doctor if you are pregnant before he can prescribe you xanax.