Xanax Dosage

Dosage is the amount (be it volume, weight or any other quantity) of drug consumed at any given time. The dosage form of Xanax (Generic name: alprazolam) is tablet.

Xanax and patients with Anxiety Disorder: .25 to .50 mg thrice daily is the initial Xanax dosage for patients with Anxiety Disorder. If required the Xanax dosage can be increased at intervals of 3 to 4 days each up to a maximum of 4 mg, in divided doses. And if side effects occur then the Xanax dosage should be decreased gradually by no more than .5 mg every 3 days, some patients may require a slower Xanax dosage reduction though.

Panic Disorder: Xanax is quite successful in treating panic disorder. To establish its efficacy; trials with varying doses of Xanax (1 to 10 mg) have been conducted on patients. Among the approximate 1700 participants (all patients), roughly 300 received Xanax dosage of more than 7 mg per day, about a 100 of them received maximum dosages of 7 + mg/day including 100 patients who received 9+ mg/day. Occasionally patients had to be administered with a dosage of 10 mg/day to achieve the maximum positive results.

Xanax Dosage and Special Population: The starting Xanax dosage is .25 mg, two or three times daily in the case of elderly patients, patients with advances liver disease or in patients suffering with debilitating diseases. However elderly people might be sensitive to the effects of benzodiazepines. The dosage of .25 mg may be increased if required, however if Xanax side effects occur then it would be better to lower the dose.

Fortunately, drug addiction is a curable condition, meaning there is hope for every person who commits to making the changes necessary for successful  drug rehab facilities. The uphill battle is long and hard and is often characterized by periods of success followed by periods of failure. Rehabilitation needs to be done safely and under the supervision of qualified medical and psychological professionals. While the above given daily dosages may suit most patients, there might be exceptions, in the cases of which the dosage should be increased with caution to avoid any adverse effects. There is no definite period prescribed for the continuation of Xanax dosage, however after the recurrence of attacks has diminished, through periodic reassessment and supervision the Xanax dosage may be discontinued, but again at a gradually declining level.